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An 11-year play-by-play and hosting career almost never happened.

In what was both a case of good timing and right place, right time, Darren entered the world of sports broadcasting in 2006 and hasn't looked back!

At first, passing up a chance to join the industry to play junior football in Regina seemed like a good idea. When I was cut, before even playing a game, one phone call changed my life forever. Now, in my 11th year as a radio and television play-by-play voice and host, I am as passionate as I was back on day one in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. 

From Rosetown and Kindersley, Saskatchewan, to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and back to Saskatoon, I have enjoyed many amazing opportunities and met some wonderful people in my journey. Building relationships with players and coaches, and interacting with fans in arenas, at football stadiums, and on social media, has been the real highlight of my career.







Date: 2017-05-14

Client: WHL on Shaw

Skills: Championship Interviews

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The 2017 Western Hockey League Playoffs have been called one of the best playoffs in a very long time. A long and hard road came to an end when the Seattle Thunderbirds defeated the Regina Pats in overtime of game six.

Darren was on the ice and right in the middle of the championship celebration!

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